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10 Truths About Health that Everyone Knows, But No One Will Admit

Below are ten truths about health that everyone knows, but no one will admit:

  1. Health is synonymous with fitness.

  2. Optimal health is achieved by athletes who prioritize sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindset, and connection with others.

  3. Go to bed early.

  4. Strive for more plants, not supplements.

  5. Eat less to lose weight. Eat more to gain weight.

  6. Train to improve performance, not aesthetics.

  7. Constantly vary workouts with functional movements and high intensity.

  8. Dedicate time to think, read, and write without distractions.

  9. Loving relationships improve longevity.

  10. Doctors are experts in medicine. Coaches are experts in health.

Do you agree or disagree?

Few things mean more to me than when you hit reply and respond.


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