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100% of You < 1% of a Team

Nike, the sports and apparel brand, set out in 2016 to sponsor and assist a professional athlete in breaking the last running barrier. This pursuit later became a documentary called “Breaking 2” and it chronicles the achievement of Eliud Kipchoge running a marathon in under 2-hours.

Crazy, I know. He ran 26.2 miles in less than 2 hours… To put that into perspective, you need to run each mile in under 4-minutes and 34-seconds. That’s impressive just for one mile – a time that would win most High School track meets. But to keep that pace over the course of 26 consecutive miles is breathtaking.

Most people deemed this feat impossible. The fastest marathon in history prior to this documentary was two hours and three minutes – roughly a 4:42/mile pace. To shave off eight seconds from every mile just didn’t seem realistic. Most critics said that the human body couldn’t continue to replenish itself with oxygen if it’s moving that fast, for that long.

I recommend watching the documentary yourself, but the summary is that in May of 2017, Kipchoge ends up running the marathon in 2:00:25 (2 hours and 25 seconds)–an average pace of 4:35/mile, or one second/mile too slow. At the end of the race, he is totally spent. Nike ends the documentary praising Kipchoge by saying, “It’s possible. We just need more time. But we can help him get one second faster per mile.”

Months later, not shown in the documentary, he breaks the marathon barrier finishing in 1:59:40. He hung on to an impossible 4:33/mile pace. After the race, he’s interviewed and emotionally thanks the 43 other runners that ran in and out of the race to maintain his pacing. Kipchoge says that with their help, “No human is limited.” This phrase then becomes the most popular hashtag in the running world over night.

“You need to believe that something impossible is possible,” he said. “But 100% of me is less than 1% of the team. You can’t do the impossible without a team.”

The Team

You and I aren’t elite athletes, but this story is a good reminder of our limiting beliefs.

What’s holding you back from losing the weight?

What’s holding you back from getting stronger?

What’s holding you back from feeling confident when you wake up in the morning?

If your experience since COVID has been anything like mine – a struggle every day to exercise in the morning, eat right during the day, and go to bed on time at night – find a team of 43 runners. Not literally, but build a team like Kipchoge and Nike did.

For athletes at RxFIT, we have an awesome opportunity in these next four weeks to be on a team. If you haven’t, sign up for the RxFIT Open here.

Remember, 100% of you is less than 1% of a team.


Without sports, we lose our fitness.

You need teammates and a coach. Similar to Kipchoge, they will help you get one-second better over time.

And who knows… Maybe your future achievement will then give others permission to do the same.


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