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3 Nutrition Tips Rarely Considered

Nutrition is at the bedrock of everything we do at RxFIT. In fact, it’s at the base of our pyramid when setting goals with you.

Nutrition is at the foundation of health.

To our own detriment, however, we haven’t further classified on this graphic what healthy nutrition should look like. For example, the four components above nutrition are types of exercise. But at the base, we haven’t clarified anything beyond “Nutrition.” This has led to some assumptions and conclusions on what a healthy diet looks like. While today I won’t address the nutrition hierarchy itself (stay tuned), I want to give you three points to consider as you are thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. #1: Long-Term Relationships with Food Any diet you start on should find you some short-term success. But consider your current relationship with food. Where would you like it to be in three months? What permanent changes would you like to have? #2: Learning How to Fish We avoid long-term meal plans at RxFIT for the simple fact that they are unsustainable. Short-term, unsustainable diets have their place, especially in dire situations. But consider the times in life when you get super busy and you miss your meal prep day… or you go out to eat and are unable to weigh and measure your food. For these reasons, we lean toward teaching and holding you accountable to sustainable habits that will last a lifetime. We would rather have you learn to fish, then be given a fish. #3: Intuitive Eating Building on #2, our long-term plan is to fall away from weighing, measuring, and tracking food intake and toward intuitive eating. We’d like for you to get to the point where you can look at a food, have an idea of how it will impact your body, and then listen to your body’s signals that it is full. Daily Directive Consider which of these three components you would like to improve. Share it with your coach so you can have a mentor guide you to this accomplishment. Tyler

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