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Banishing the Dad Bod!

This week I’ve been writing about how to “Banish the Dad Bod!” More specifically, I’ve been writing about an analogy between wealth-building and health.

If you missed the blog series, here’s a summary:

After a surprising positive response from many, I thought that I would wrap up this series by writing a step-by-step guide on how to become a “Fit Dad” once and for all.

Step 1: For the next 7-days, write down the time (hours) you spend on each activity. Right now, only include those things that you do every day. It might be helpful to make two different lists: one that includes Monday-Friday and the other that includes the weekend (Saturday-Sunday).

Step 2: Next, write a (+) next to the activity if it brings energy into your day and a (-) if it sucks energy out of your day. For me, things like reading, writing, and cooking bring energy into my day. Email, instagram, and junk food suck energy out of my day.

Step 3: Make a “T-Chart” of your positive, energy-driving habits on the left and your negative, energy-sucking habits on the right. This is your “Fitness Balance Sheet”.

Step 4: Identify which “liability” habit is sucking the most energy out of your day and circle it. Write down which “Fitness Vehicle” it stems from (sleep, nutrition, exercise, think, or connect).

Step 5: Create a plan to pour your energy into eliminating that habit. This is your “Debt Snowball”: once you eliminate it, you will have even more energy to pour into getting rid of the other energy-sucking habits.

Step 6: Find a friend or a coach to hold you accountable. Just like a financial planner will help you avoid pitfalls and stay accountable, so will a fitness coach. We have dozens of them at RxFIT and I’d be thrilled to connect you with one of them (just text me! 801-923-6808).

In case any of these steps are confusing, here’s a short video walking you through the activity:

Guys, it’s time to get rid of the dreaded Dad Bod and become a Fit Dad.


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