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Barbell Collars: Which One Should I Buy?

When outfitting a home gym, almost everyone forgets about the barbell collars. Barbell collars are the “clips” that you put on the end of the bar in order to keep the plates from moving. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of these options here. The only job you really need collars to do is keep the weight on the bar. For most of the population, the spring collars will do the trick. These are what we buy for all of our gyms. They’re cheap and do the job. But if you want to spend a bit more money, buy a collar that has some rubber on the inside of it–like this one. Just be careful that you’re buying barbell collars–not axle bar collars. I’ll show you what I mean in this video.

Tyler WOD For Time: 20 Back Squats (choose a moderate weight) 15 Back Squats (moderate-heavy) 10 Back Squats (heavy) 5 Back Squats (heavier–something near 85% of your 1RM)

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