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Bringing Elite Strength & Conditioning to You

How is RxFIT Different?

There is a handful of things different about RxFIT than any other fitness business.

The first is that we believe the fittest athletes on earth are also the healthiest. Therefore, we want to adopt the habits of the world’s fittest in our member’s lives. It’s beyond my understanding why the general exercising public doesn’t do what the fittest athletes in the world do.

LeBron James, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolt all do squats with a barbell, bodyweight calisthenics, and a lot of “cardio.” They perform universal, motor-recruitment patterns found in everyday life, such as: jumping, swimming, and running (a lot). Professional strength and conditioning coaches that work with collegiate and professional sports teams understand this. They always bias multi-joint, functional movements over any bodybuilding movement.

So, if the healthiest people on earth are squatting, doing pull-ups, and running a lot, why are we then using machines to replace these movements?

Do collegiate and professional sports teams not have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in more leg-press, pull-up assistance, and elliptical machines?

I’m being facetious. I don’t know why this is happening — but perhaps it explains why we are so unhealthy as a nation.


Imagine for a moment that you’re on BYU’s football team (if you know nothing about football, that’s okay).

Everything you do on the team is under the direction of the coaching staff. Football practices, especially during the Summer time, can be broken up into three segments: general training, semi-private training, and private training.

General Training

All of the strength training happens together as a team. All 52 players do the same lifts every day with the same number of sets and repetitions.

After the weight room, the team will go out on the field and run sprints together. All 52 players do the same running workout with the same number of sets and distances.

The program varies by degree, not kind. In other words, the intensity (weight of the lifts and speed of the sprints) varies depending on the athlete, but the movement performed or the number of sprints doesn’t change. Everyone follows the same strength program.

Semi-Private Training

Then, you will break into positions as a team. You no longer are training in a group of 52 athletes, but now in a group of 2-5.

All of the quarterbacks will go to the quarterbacks coach. He will have you work on things like your three-step and five-step drops, placing the ball at the pylon on red-zone fade routes, and maybe learning how to throw on-the-run when you’re being chased out of the pocket.

Wide-receivers will work with the wide-receivers coach on running routes, catching with one- and two-hands, and blocking cornerbacks.

Linebackers, safeties, lineman, etc. are the same. They all have their own position coach with whom they will work on specific skills.

Private Training

Finally, if you have injuries that are limiting your ability to play, or you need additional attention with a certain skill, you will work one-on-one with a coach outside of practice.

If you need to get stronger, your strength coach will start meeting with you outside of practice times. He will then put together a custom-made accessory program for you.

If you struggle with a skill, your position coach will work with you outside of practice times. He will also  put together a plan for you to do every day.

Bringing Elite Training to You

We believe fitness outside of sport should also resemble this. At RxFIT, we want to create a “team” environment where you are counted on by others to show up to practice.

Like a football team, we also offer three distinct segments.

General Training

We recommend that the bulk of your training happens in a group setting with one of the eleven classes we offer everyday. We want you to perform at least five workouts every week with us.

The programmed workouts we offer also vary by degree, not kind. If we are back squatting today, everyone is going to back squat.

However, the intensity (weight on the bar) must be scaled up for those athletes in the class that are “fitter.” The opposite is also true — the intensity of the squat should be scaled down for those that are less fit.

Semi-Private Training

Like a position coach, we have coaches with specialties that allow athletes to temporarily break away from the group and work on skills in a semi-private session.

For example, if you are wanting to get stronger, we have a weight lifting coach that will work exclusively with you and a handful of others on building muscle. This group meets together every Thursday and Saturday morning.

If you are wanting to get better at pull-ups and handstands, we have a gymnastics coach who puts on monthly clinics for those wanting to focus on gymnastics exclusively.

If you are preparing for a Spartan Race, we have a team of individuals that train together with a coach during the Summer time.

The semi-private training, like position practices, focus on the development of specific skills only required in certain disciplines.

Private Training

Finally, if you have injuries that are limiting your ability to exercise, or you need additional attention with a certain skill, we recommend that you work one-on-one with one of our coaches in a “skill-session.”

Some of our athletes meet with a coach three times a week in a one-on-one setting. Others work as infrequently as once a month just to hone in on specific technique issues.

We also have ten nutritionists on staff. They meet regularly with athletes in-person and over the phone to deliver custom-made meal plans. They strategize and teach important nutrition concepts. They also provide the much-needed accountability support where needed.

These personal-training, skill-development, and nutrition-coaching sessions are totally customized to your needs and goals. They can happen as often as needed.


The differentiating factor between us and any other gym is that when you join RxFIT, everything you do is under the direction of a coach.

Need help building strength? We’ve got you.

Want to get your first muscle-up? We’ve got you.

Need nutrition help? We’ve got you.

If this is what the top collegiate and professional teams are doing to breed the fittest, this is what we will do to make you the healthiest.

At RxFit, we bring elite strength and conditioning practices to the general public.

And we do it at an affordable cost (no scholarships or sponsorships needed).


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