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Clarifying Our Message

Last week in the RxFIT private facebook group, I asked our athletes what their biggest pet peeve was in the health and fitness industry.

I received a handful of answers. Here were some of them:

“That women shouldn’t lift heavy or they get “bulky”.

“The way of thinking that exercise can fix a bad diet.”

“Products marketed to fitness people that aren’t much better than candy bars or sodas.”

“Soooooo many conflicting philosophies and toooooo much information. It’s easy to be paralyzed with indecision.”

“Having 3 meals a day… No wait, 2 large meals a day… or, 5 very small meals with snacks.” Which one is it?!

Maybe you can relate to some of these.

Clarifying Message

After reading these frustrations, I realized that I need to do a better job at differentiating ourselves from the rest of those in our space.

This is why today through the end of the week, I will dedicate each morning to addressing each of the main points that separates us from the fitness world around us. I want to clarify our message at RxFIT for you.

I want to deliver you results.


What better way to clarify your message than with a simple picture?

Below, I made a graphic that shows how we’re different than every other commercial and franchised gym across the United States. I will break up each of these points in detail the rest of this week.

Stay tuned.


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