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Coaching Development, Benchmark Monday, and Goal Reviews

Each coach is formally shadowed and evaluated once a quarter. In addition to these evaluations, they receive developmental training from our head coach every month and daily notes to help them in the delivery of the workouts.

Moving forward, we will use the Events Calendar as a template to better organize our internal content for our team. Instead of this falling solely on the Head Coach’s shoulders, the specialty coaches will also now assist. This simply means that we will be better at teaching our coaches.

Benchmarks and Goal Reviews

We will keep the same 15 level-based benchmarks that we have used in the past. Instead of testing one benchmark at a time every week, we will cluster them together and test them monthly. In other words, Benchmark Monday will now be the first Monday of the month.

We have grouped these 15 benchmarks into four groups, allowing for three cycles every year. We will follow each group’s Benchmark Monday testing with Goal Reviews throughout the rest of the week.

Goal Reviews are one-on-one meetings between you and the manager. They last anywhere between 20-30 minutes and are an opportunity to review your progress, and then set new goals for the next four months.

These goals can vary. But with so many different types of events to choose from now at RxFIT, maybe one of your four-month goals includes joining a specialty program and preparing for an event.

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