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Come to Improve, Not Impress

Your performance metrics are important to us at RxFIT, but only to benchmark them against your past scores. We never benchmark your scores against anyone else.

And neither should you.


There have been a handful of longitudinal studies over the past few decades of researchers going into poorer communities of Africa that study the variables of “success” among adolescents as they grow into adulthood. They define success as becoming financially self-reliant.

The common thread among those that succeed and those that don’t is persistence. It’s not the smartest or strongest child, but the one that keeps trying over and over again.

You and RxFIT

Your consistency in daily attendance is the independent variable that will determine your performance (dependent variable). And because performance is inextricably linked to attendance, attendance is perhaps the most important variable to living a healthy life.

Nothing worthwhile in life was ever achieved without persistence. Therefore, your health depends on you working out five to six times a week.

When you and I have our Quarterly Goal Review sessions, I always pull up attendance. If you’re frustrated about your lack of progress, I always point back to the lack of consistency inside the gym. I can’t remember having a conversation with someone that was consistent in the gym and not seeing results.

If you’re struggling in this department, adopt the motto: Just show up.


I know your body might be sore, or you hate running. Or burpees take you longer than anyone else in the group classes…

But come to improve, not impress. Your ability to show up and persevere day after day will be the reason you reach your goals.


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