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Coming Soon: The 2021 RxFIT OPEN

You have seen it hinted at in Instagram…

This year RxFIT will be hosting the 2021 RxFIT Open brought to you by RxFIT Plus.

At RxFIT Plus we are getting ready and so we want to share the goodness.

What do we know about The Open:

The CrossFit Open is different this year!  It is made up of 3 workouts, announced weekly over three weeks, set to begin March 11, 2021.  At the heart of the CrossFit Open is the test of FITNESS.

Constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity”.

Given the variety of movements within CrossFit, there is virtually no limit to the combination of movements and rep schemes that can make up a WOD.

The Open is a grassroots effort (done at your local box with local judges). So despite the possibilities many movements are eliminated because they are difficult to standardize / judge.

This is why over 9 years and 46 workouts, we’ve only seen 23 different exercises, 5 of which have been repeated each and every year. 

How do I prepare for The Open:

  1. The very BEST way is to join us at RxFIT Plus (what is RxFIT Plus?)

  2. Another good way is to know what you can expect.  Be familiar with those movements that we have repeatedly seen!  Here is a list of the top 10:

Open Movements (number of times seen, in order):

  1. Double Unders – 9

  2. Muscle Ups (bar or ring) –  9

  3. Toes To Bar – 9

  4. Thrusters – 9

  5. Chest To Bar Pull Ups – 9

  6. Snatch (Full / Power) – 8

  7. Wall Balls – 8

  8. Burpees (any kind) – 8

  9. Deadlifts – 7

  10. Cleans (Power/Full/DB) – 7

  11. Take your conditioning up a notch.  The Open is ALWAYS spicy.  You have to become familiar with intensity and the pain cave.

Over the next 10 weeks we will be talking about the most commonly seen movements in The Open. Be on the lookout for this series every Friday.

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