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Complete Home Gym Buildout (With Pricing)

Last month, I put together this short video detailing out my sister’s home gym. In case you missed it, you can view the video here. But yesterday she pieced together the final touches. She added a treadmill because the home gym is in the basement, pulled out the carpet and laid the mats on the cement floor, and hung up the bumper weights, whiteboard, clock, and TV.

I believe that building out a home gym is one of the more important things you can do for your health. Being apart of a gym community where you are coached in person and sweating along side your friends is a bonus–but it’s inevitable that life will get in the way. Simply having the option to workout from home on the days your kids are sick, work keeps you up all night, or another pandemic strikes again keeps you consistent and healthy. Today’s blog is simply a worksheet to help you price out and build your home gym. If you’re on a tight budget, I would prioritize these 5 items. But download the file below and begin to price out what it would take to build out your dream home gym. COMPLETE HOME GYM BUILDOUT WITH PRICING (excel sheet) Tyler *Bonus tip, buy items in bulk from Rogue to avoid shipping costs! For years now, Rogue ships free for any orders over $5,000 (to the continental United States). This isn’t to say that you can’t build a home gym under $5,000!

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