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Consistency Streak Explained

Yesterday I invited you to join me in creating a 31-Day streak doing five things everyday during the month of March:

  1. Wake up at the same time every day.

  2. Finish eating at the same time every night.

  3. Work out for 30+ minutes.

  4. Don’t look at your phone for the first hour of the morning.

  5. Initiate a 10-minute conversation with someone else.

After receiving additional clarification questions, I figured I would address each streak one-by-one today. Wake Up At the Same Time Every Day This first health streak deals with your sleep. More specifically, an attempt at creating a steady, circadian rhythm of sleep and wake times. You will find that by waking up at the same time every day, including the weekends, you spend your time in the evenings differently. You will even begin to go to bed earlier. Naps are also allowed during the day. What isn’t allowed, however, is waking up to an alarm just to go back to bed. You must wake up and get the day started with your normal routine. For me, this routine looks like reading, writing, and making breakfast for my family. If on Sunday I do those three things, and everyone’s still asleep by the time I finish them, I’ll lay back down until the kids wake up. Final Note: If your schedule changes throughout the month (i.e. you work 1/2 day shifts and 1/2 night shifts), simply change the goal to something else related to your sleep. Finish Eating at the Same Time Every Night Any diet will agree that eating junk food at midnight is a bad idea. This health streak attempts to break those nighttime sugar cravings and get your body ready for bed. This is one of the reasons I love intermittent-fasting. When the clock hits 7:30 p.m., I’m done eating until the next day. Choose a time that works with your schedule and then stick to it–weekends included. Additionally, some of you are in a habit of waking up and eating in the middle of the night. No more 2:00 a.m. cereal! You can eat when you fully wake-up for the day the next morning. Final Note: Drinking water (or flavored water) is fine at night for this streak, as long as there are no calories. Work Out For 30-Minutes Get out and move. Working out is good for so many reasons beyond just looking better. What’s tricky about this streak is working out on the weekends. For example, in High School I would workout Monday-Saturday and then go into hibernation on Sundays… I wouldn’t move unless it was the couch to the kitchen (and then back again). Walking the dog, going on a hike, or doing a YouTube yoga routine is allowed. Just get up and move for 30 continuous minutes. Don’t Look At Your Phone For the First Hour of the Morning The most common response I received yesterday was, “But I use my phone as my alarm!” The solution is easy: Get an actual alarm clock and put your phone somewhere else. They’re $10 on Amazon. The problem with using your phone as an alarm clock is that when you turn it off in the morning, you see all of your notifications from the night before. As a result, the texts, emails, and other notifications you receive end up setting the tone for your day rather than you intentionally setting it. “But I can silence my notifications!” I know… Just buy an alarm clock. It’s pathetic how addicted we are to our phones. Initiate a 10-Minute Conversation With Someone Else This final streak is an attempt at connecting with others in a post-COVID world. The only rule here is that you have a conversation with someone else for 10-minutes. Call, facetime, or in-person; they all count. Make it meaningful. Tyler WOD Run 2-Miles* *At the start of every minute, do 10 walking lunges.

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