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Correct Rowing Technique

Correct technique increases efficiency. And efficiency is important to fitness because it allows you to do more work in less time. Just like any movement, there are correct mechanics to using the indoor rower. Below I will attach a video that walks you through the most important components of rowing. As you practice these drills, recognize your own faults. After rowing for years now, I still catch myself shorting the mechanics. For me, I tend to open my hips before my legs finish their drive. This small error causes my stroke to lose power.

As a takeaway, consider starting each row workout in the “arms-only” rowing position. Make sure your hips are in the 11-o’clock position. Then work on the back-and-forth hip hinge from 11-o’clock to 1-o’clock with the arms-only pull. As you begin to piece together the row, pay attention to how far in your knees go. Your shins should be perpendicular to the floor in the starting (“catch”) position. We have three-months until we test the 2k Row again. Let’s get better at our rowing efficiency. Tyler WOD 10 Rounds: 300-meter Row (fast) 200-meter Row (slow)

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