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Exercise and Pregnancy

Within the past two weeks, we had two female athletes deliver babies. What’s inspiring to me is that Suzy and Kristen both were in the gym working out with us the day before they went into labor. This is one of my proudest moments as a gym owner. It signifies that women are now entrusting their family’s health with our coaches–at least to a degree. In almost every case, I believe a female should remain physically active throughout the duration of her pregnancy. Now, I recognize my own limitations: I’m a male who will never experience pregnancy, nor am I an OBGYN doctor with a formal education. But, I care a lot about my athletes and their health. And because of their pregnancies, and my own studying, I believe most expecting women would benefit from a structured exercise and nutrition plan. A healthy mother brings healthy children into the world. This week I’m going to dive down deep into this touchy subject. I’m also going to share with you six unique stories from active mothers at RxFIT.

Stay tuned.  Tyler WOD Stay outside for 30+ minutes! Go on a walk, take a hike, play pickleball, shoot baskets… just get outside and stay outside for 30 minutes. Oh, and do it without your cell phone!

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