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Fat Woman vs Fit Woman

Light At The End of The Tunnel

Last night we spoke for 45 minutes about your past. All of the workouts at the gym were over and I sat there asking you questions about why you wanted to do a “6-Week Challenge.” Your answer:

Because I’m 5’2” and a whopping 220 pounds…

I could feel the frustration in your voice. I went deeper and asked more questions.

You talked about your dad not being around when you were growing up and your mom in and out of jail for drugs. You said you’ve had to teach yourself everything — and because of that, you grew up on your own. You had to learn things the hard way.

You commute five days a week up to Salt Lake City to work and “pay the man.” You work hard because you know that’s how to survive. You’ve learned that lesson. And you know the consequence if you don’t work hard.

But you’ve been overweight your whole life. No one has taken an interest in guiding you through a weight loss journey. In fact, no one’s even cared enough to ask you the questions that I’m asking you…

Your eyes fill with tears.

I gave you your fitness prescription and you were surprised.

“You mean I get a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a group coach for that price? There’s no way it’s that cheap!”

I saw the smile on your face — it was a sigh of relief. I could read your mind.

“Finally, I can’t believe it took me this long to find you guys.”

Getting Uncomfortable

But then you went home. You slept on it. Vasa’s only $10/month and they open up tomorrow… You thought about three layers of accountability and how your coaches are going to ask you to get uncomfortable.

You’re going to have to give up soda.

You’re going to have to give up fast food.

You’re going to be sore.

That seems like a big change… 

You think, “VASA’s not going to require that from me.”

So you text me saying it’s not the right time…

Fat vs. Fit

I’ve learned over the years that everyone has a “fat” and a “fit” individual within them.

The “fat” person craves salt and sugar. She likes to stay up late. She prefers to not exercise. She hits snooze when the alarm goes off. 

On the contrary, the “fit” person turns down the fries and milkshake. She’s disciplined in going to bed early. She shows up to the gym even when she’s “too sore to workout.” She regards the snooze button as cancer and refuses to touch it.

Some of the differences are obvious between the “fat” woman and the “fit” woman. But the common denominator is excuses. 

This is why we stress so much importance on your mindset at RxFIT: Fat people are fat because of their minds.

The “fat” woman is always going to find a reason why losing weight needs to take a back seat to work, an upcoming vacation, stress, or finances. The “fit” woman is going to take ownership over their lives and not let anything stand in the way.

I’m Your Guide

That’s why I’m here. That’s why RxFIT exists. You’re the main character in the story while my coaches are your guides. We know what it’s like to listen to the “fat” voice inside our head… and we’ve learned how to follow the “fit” person’s voice.

This is your story. Let us help you along the way. 

Let’s do this together.


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