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Guidance Counselor vs. Advisor

You grew up going to school with access to a guidance counselor. 

Or, you grew up going to school with mentoring from an advisor.

The difference was whether or not you went to a public or private school.

The Difference

Most private schools are greater, regardless of your metric of success.

In private schools, graduation rates are higher. 

Average scores on state-administered exams are higher.

College acceptance rates are higher.

The education of the teachers are higher.

The list goes on.

You + RxFIT

In 2021, we’re making a shift. We’re requiring that our coaches become advisors to your goals, instead of simply guidance counselors.

What this looks like is that you will have a personal coach. A personal mentor who have will have monthly personal meetings with you.

Instead of crossing your fingers that your 2021 fitness resolutions happen, you will be mentored toward the achievement of whatever metric is most important to you.

More energy. Less back pain. Fat loss. Your first pull-up. Stronger. 

Whatever the goal, your coach will prescribe you the solution. And then will guide you to that goal.

But put simply: we’re going to be better.

Stay tuned for the RxFIT Private School.


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