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Habits: Exercise

Too often I fall under an “All-or-Nothing” mindset during the holidays . I tell myself, “Oh it’s Christmas time… I’ll just start back up again on January 1st.” But in reality, I should just turn down my fitness “dial”. I can maybe do push-ups and lunges beside my bed before I leave to brush my teeth in the morning. Or I can choose to park further away from the store when I go shopping for presents. Fitness is a continuum, not a switch. You can be healthy now while being healthier later. As you can see by the diagram below, there are varying levels of movement that you can do every day.

Instead of forgetting about exercise, what number will you turn your movement dial down to during Christmas?

Takeaway This week I’m writing about habits healthy people develop and maintain. When it comes to exercise, healthy individuals either turn up or turn down their fitness dial. They never turn it off. In essence, becoming and staying healthy is a mindset; it’s nothing else. You can no longer approach birthdays and holidays with an “All-or-Nothing” mentality. Instead, turn up or turn down your fitness dial. There are times and seasons for everything. Tyler WOD Day 40 (of 50) AMRAP 14 Minutes: 10 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts 20 Alternating Leg V-Ups 10 Double Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead Other Articles in this Series: 1. Habits: 2021’s 6-Week Challenge 2. Habits: Pull and Push 3. Habits: Plate Method 4. Habits: Macronutrients 5. Habits: Exercise 6. Habits: Eating-on-the-Go 7. Habits: Sleep and Stress 8. Habits: Supplements, Fad Diets, and Mindset 9. Habits: Hermit Crabs

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