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How Do I Become More Flexible?

How do I become more flexible?

This is the twenty-first question that I’m answering this month of the 24 most commonly asked questions Mark and I receive.


Commit now to reach for your toes at least once a day.

Habits are formed from small steps. And these small steps need to be consistently performed every day.

The benefit to reaching for your toes once a day is that it’s easy. It literally will take you three seconds. And then you won’t miss a day because even if you’re lying in bed at night and forgot to do your stretching, you can sit up briefly and check mark that box.

But if you wake up in the morning and remember to stretch, maybe you’ll end up spending five minutes doing it. Or even better, maybe you’ll be in your living room in the evening while your family is watching TV and you’ll remember to stretch. Then you may spend 15-20 minutes stretching.


Flexibility comes from consistency. And consistency needs to be built on a foundation of small, daily tasks.

Make that task an easy one like reaching for your toes one time.


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