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How To Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others in Fitness Competitions

How do I avoid comparing myself to others on the day of competition?

In preparation for The Festivus Games next weekend, this is the second question of seven that I’m answering to help you prepare for the event:


Fitness competitions are unlike most other competitions — take basketball for example.

It would be to my advantage to know which player on the opposite team scores the most so that I can prevent him from scoring. It would also be to my advantage to know that their defense generally plays zone instead 0f man-to-man, so that I can practice different variations of our plays. In general, the more I know about the other team, the better.

But you don’t compete against other athletes in fitness competitions — you compete against yourself. In other words, you can’t do anything to prevent your competitors from doing well.

The only thing you can do is perform to the best of your ability.

Therefore What?

Looking at the leaderboard, or worse, looking to your left and right in the middle of an event, distracts you from giving a workout your all. This is why I always recommend an athlete has set in his or her mind to give the upcoming workout everything they have.

If after the workout, you know that you gave it your best effort, then you will feel a sense of fulfillment.

Knowing information about your competitors doesn’t give you any advantage.


If you gave it your all in each event of a fitness competition, you will feel fulfilled.

Whether or not you win or lose.

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