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How to Brace For a Heavy Lift

  1. Screw your feet into the ground. By doing this, you should be engaging (contracting) your quads and glutes. If you don’t quite feel this, make sure that you’re creating an arch with your foot.

  2. Pull your rib cage down. Your rib cage needs to now be in line with your pelvis. This movement will create a straight (and very stable) line from the ribs, down the pelvis, and into the femur.

  3. Brace your abs. The way I like to do this is to inhale, and as I’m at the end of my breath, to flex my abs as tight as I can. If you’re sitting down reading this, you can even practice this with your hands over your stomach. After your abs are contracted, you should be able to continue to breathe without releasing any tension.

  4. Lock your shoulder blades down and in place. You should feel your lats and pecs contract when you do this. Think about trying to reach your fingers down to the ground without bending anywhere else — this will lock in your mid and upper back. Happy bracing! Tyler

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