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How to Build a Plyo Box

Last week I went and visited my sister in Colorado. They just recently moved to Denver and are in the process of building out their home gym. Here’s a video of what their gym looks like right now.

You can see at the end of this video the plyo box that we built. It’s actually super easy, so today I wanted to detail out how to make your own. Step 1: Buy one 3/4-inch thick sheet of plywood from Home Depot (4’x8′) After buying the sheet of plywood, you need to cut it into the following dimensions:

The last piece (18.5″x22.5″) is the middle support that goes inside the box. This is perhaps the most important piece. I would recommend asking an employee to cut it for you at Home Depot. That way, the wood fits easier into your car and speeds up the building process even more.

Step 2: Assemble the shell of the box Don’t worry about sanding anything down yet. You can do that at the end. Put three screws in on each edge–one in the middle and two on both ends. This goes without saying, but I would definitely drill holes into the wood before screwing. This will prevent the plywood from splitting.

Step 3: Slide the support piece in the middle of the box You probably will have to sand this piece down a bit so it can slide in the middle. You just want to make sure it fits. Don’t screw this middle support in place yet. It will be snug enough that it won’t move around.

Step 4: Put one side of the box on, then screw in the middle support Secure the wood to the edges, then to the middle support. Again, I would recommend three screws per edge.

Step 5: Put the last piece of wood on and then sand all of the edges down. You can see in our box below that we cut handles into the side–this is optional. I don’t own a jigsaw, so if I were building this at my house in Utah, I wouldn’t cut handles into the box. But, it does make moving the box around easier. If you have a jigsaw, I would use it. I think it added 10 more minutes to the process.

Step 6: Workout! Most artists put their name on paintings that they create. A DIY home gym athlete puts her/his name on a box by being the first to do a workout with it. Tyler WOD AMRAP 15:00 400-meter Run 15 Box Jumps 15 Pull-Ups

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