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How to Look & Feel Amazing

Yesterday I interviewed Kaylie Sorensen on The Faces of RxFIT podcast where we discussed how she’s lost 8% body fat in just 8 weeks since starting to work with an RxFIT nutritionist. You can listen to her story here.

However, you won’t hear her say in this interview what she told me before we started recording. She said, “Tyler, I finally love the way I feel and look.”

That’s a big deal! Think of how many people you’ve heard say that before.

Some may feel good, but not like the way they look. Others may go to dire circumstances to look good, but then they don’t end up feeling well. And few, if any, ever look and feel amazing. Kaylie is a rare breed.

So how about you? How do you feel about your health right now?

For the few hundred of you that read this today, your answer will probably not be like Kaylie’s. And because of that, it’s been on my mind for the past 24 hours.

I keep thinking to myself, How can I get more people to say that about themselves?

And I think I might have an answer now.

This morning as I was reading, I came across an analogy about seeds growing into trees. The author broke it down into four stages: swelling, sprouting, growing, and bearing (fruit).


A seed must “swell” underground before it ever sprouts out of the ground. You don’t know if the seed is getting enough water or sunlight during this stage because you have no physical evidence (because it’s underground!). 

In regards to fitness, this is when your body composition begins to change after starting a new diet or workout plan. You don’t necessarily see evidence in the mirror or pounds being lost on the scale, but you feel better. You have more energy and are happier.

During this stage, it’s important to pay attention to subjective indicators (i.e. mood, confidence, energy, etc.).


After the seed swells enough underground, it will then sprout out of the ground. This is the first physical evidence you have that the seed has been receiving enough water and sunlight.

With your fitness, this is your first breakthrough. This could be your first pull-up or dropping 5-lbs. Whatever it is, you finally saw a physical difference. You are beginning to look better.

At RxFIT, we call these Bright Spots (small victories along the journey to achieving your ultimate goal). During this stage, it’s important to recognize your own “bright spots” at least once a week.


After the seed swells underground and sprouts out of the dirt, it begins to grow. This tiny seedling will grow until it starts to resemble a tree. It will continue to mature as it receives adequate nutrients.

With your fitness, this is the long game. With enough consistency and patience, you will see PR after PR on Benchmark Mondays. This is when you start to feel and look amazing. Excess body fat begins to strip away and your confidence soars.

This is where Kaylie is now.

During this stage, it’s important to be consistent and patient. Some weeks you will experience even more gains. Other weeks, you won’t. Just trust the process that one day, your tree will bear fruit.

Bearing (Fruit)

Alas, the seed swelled underground and spouted out into a seedling. That seedling was nourished and grew into a tree. Now, the tree is fully matured and is bearing fruit. After taking all it could for itself, the tree begins to give back to its surroundings.

With your fitness, this is when your story begins to inspire others. Friends and family members begin to approach you and you take them under your wing. You become their guide to helping them lose the weight, gain back the confidence, and getting even stronger.

During this stage, it’s important to stay disciplined. The vast majority of Americans are struggling with food and movement problems. You finally have the credibility to help them.

Just remember, fruit stops growing if the tree does.


Your fitness journey is comparable to a seed that can grow into a tree and bear fruit.

First, your seed must swell underground. You don’t have any physical evidence that your fitness prescription is working except for subjective measures. You only begin to feel better.

Then, your seed sprouts out of the ground into a seedling. You have the first piece of evidence that you look better. This “bright spot” gives you confidence to stay the course because your fitness prescription is working.

That seedling begins to grow into a tree with enough consistency and patience. All of the sudden, you’re saying the same words as Kaylie: “I love the way I feel and look!”

Then, your tree begins to bear fruit. After focusing on yourself for so long, it’s time to look out and give back to your surroundings. It’s time to bring someone along with you.

And that last step, the tree bearing fruit, is why Mark and I started The Faces of RxFIT podcast. We wanted to share the stories of athletes like Kaylie who’s consistency and patience has turned her tiny seed into a tree. Then by sharing her story (and the hundreds of others at RxFIT), can she (and them) bear fruit and help you.

Be inspired. If Kaylie can do it, so can you.


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