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It Takes A Village

I’m writing to you in the hospital right now.

Karli just gave birth to our second son who I’ve been holding close to my chest all day today. We named our baby boy Rocky. Both he and Karli are doing well.

The experience of holding your fragile newborn in the palms of your hands is emotional. You are reminded that that baby is totally and utterly dependent on you to take care of them.

That dependency eventually fades into independence as the child moves away. It especially becomes apparent when the child marries and becomes codependent on their spouse.

But then life leads that child to an interdependence back with the original parents. Gray-haired mom and dad now become grandparents and provide love, support, and wisdom to their child’s child in ways no one else can.

Life also leads that child to an interdependence with a larger community — aunts, uncles, and friends provide additional value to the development of this child.

It Takes A Village

Parenting is the ultimate coaching experience. Every child needs a coach to guide them during their life.

Every child also needs a strong community.

This combination — coaches and community — make a village. And that village passes a child from dependence, through independence, and on to interdependence.


You will find this at RxFIT.

We’re building a village through strong coaches and fostering an even stronger community. This village guides individuals from sickness, through wellness, and on to fitness.

Whether you are metaphorically a fragile newborn or a white-haired parent, we need you.

And you need us.

Let’s do this together.


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