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Leaning Into Your Relationships

What Makes A Good Life?

I wrote about the topic of “connection” a couple of times this past month, especially in regards to health. I wanted to address this same topic briefly this morning in an attempt to clarify the mission of RxFIT.

The purpose of RxFIT — the reason we exist as a company — is to not deliver you warm and fuzzy tidbits of knowledge. The purpose of RxFIT is to deliver you fitness results.

And because I believe that fitness is synonymous with health, you can expect that I’m going to share only the information that will help you inch closer to your fitness goals.


I am convinced that one of the primary reasons Saturdays and Sundays have been given to us is to slow down.

During the week, you text friends and family. During the weekend, you call them over the phone.

During the week, you “FaceTime” a sibling or parent. During the weekend, get actual face-time by visiting with them.

I hope you took some time to reflect on your past week. Although some optimistic news was in regards to opening back up America, it appears that we will continue to self-quarantine ourselves.

Unfortunately, this has led us to look inward about our own situation. Quarantined life doesn’t need to be this way.

Social Interactions During Quarantine

For most of us, our workflow and days will continue to roll on in the “new-normal” this disease has brought. For that simple reason, I’d recommend watching this short 12-minute TedTalk on the Harvard Study on Longevity. While watching this, think of ways you can improve creatively become social while remaining in quarantine.

If we can keep in mind that “good relationships keep us happier and healthier,” we will have the keys to the good life. And by the “good life,” I mean living long and actively.

Regardless of any circumstance in life, social interactions will make life better. “Leaning into your relationships” is the independent variable to your long-term health and happiness.

There’s no better time than now to start working on it – for the whole world has slowed down.

I hope we can play a small piece in that.


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