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Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity

Would you rather…

  1. Brush your teeth for 30 seconds each morning and night or,

  2. Brush your teeth once a week for seven minutes?

In this “Would you rather” situation, you’re putting in the same amount of “work.” In both examples, you’re brushing your teeth for seven minutes total throughout the week. However, the difference is in the regular schedule – or consistency – of brushing your teeth.

And the same goes for exercise. Working out for 30 minutes every day is better than working out for 3.5 hours once a week. Consistency breeds results. We want consistency over intensity.

This couldn’t apply more given our quarantined schedules. Stick to a consistent schedule. Don’t deviate from it. Set a time when you will begin your warm-up every day. Even if you’re in the middle of something. Finish up what you’re doing while stretching out your hamstrings or doing lunges in place. Start the warm-up. You will find that you’ll eventually complete the workout. Don’t worry about the intensity right now.

My job as a coach is to first teach you the mechanics. Then, my job is to coach you through what those mechanics look like on a consistent basis. As you get the hang of it, I’m going to ramp up the intensity. This also applies to my role as your Online Coach. We need to establish good habits (mechanics), then consistently stick to those habits, before we even worry about the intensity (your scores) of your workout.

Intensity, plain and simple, is the shortcut to all results. But, it has to follow this order. You must have the mechanics down, then establish a habit of consistently hitting those mechanics. Then you start seeing the awesome results that come from intensity. It’s a fool’s game to jump immediately to intensity.

The result? Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. AKA: You get fitter.

Takeaway: Pick a time that you will start your warm-up every day.

Learn the mechanics. Then be consistent. Then, and only then, focus on the intensity.

Let’s do this, together.


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