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Metcon Mania: WOD 4

The fourth and final workout for Metcon Mania is a 12-minute AMRAP.

  1. Time Domain: 10-15 Minutes

  2. Scheme: Chipper

  3. Priority: AMRAP

  4. Modality: Gymnastic-Only

  5. Volume: 200+ reps

Workout Brief We knew we needed a gymnastic-only workout with a chipper-scheme, but we weren’t sure how we wanted the movements to play out. We played around a lot with different movements before finally settling on this workout. Here’s why: Performing 50 sit-ups is no problem for most athletes. But performing toes-to-bar right after doing a large set of sit-ups is crazy difficult. We really liked this combination when testing, as our athletes that consistently do sets of 12-15 in a workout, were reduced down to mere sets of 5. The box get over was a movement that we were contemplating for a while: Where, and should, we include this movement to make it both challenging for the athlete and exciting for the spectators? We liked it because it’s both deceiving and rarely seen in general programming. It’s not particularly difficult, nor is it hard, but you will soon see that after performing 30 of these glorified muscle-ups, you won’t have much left in your shoulders and triceps. Which is why we settled on the location of where they are now: Try doing handstand push-ups and ring dips when you’re shoulders and triceps are tired. Very difficult! And then a handstand walk for those that make it there will be interesting because the arms are dead. Athletes that can stay unbroken on the handstand push-ups and ring dips, should have about 2:00 remaining to walk as far as they can. We added 60 air squats to the beginning of the workout because one of our athletes had 4:30 remaining to handstand walk. Imagine how boring it would be to watch an athlete walk back and forth for that long. So we simply added in the squats to increase the heart rate at the beginning of the workout, but not necessarily mess with the muscles involved in the core or arms. Standards The Rx division will perform the workout as written above. Air Squats: Hip crease must descend below the knee. Sit-Ups: Arms must go through the legs and fingers must touch the ground past the toes. Toes-to-Bar: Both feet must touch the bar at the same time. Box Get-Overs: Both legs (either a knee or a foot) must touch the top of the box before “getting” over to the other side. Handstand Push-Ups: Head must touch the ground at the bottom of the rep and elbows must fully extend at the top of the rep. Ring Dips: Bicep must touch the top of the rings at the bottom of the rep and elbows must fully extend at the top of the rep. Feet also cannot touch the ground. Handstand Walk: Every 5-feet will be scored as one rep. The floor will be taped similar to the Open in 5-foot increments, 25-feet long. Both hands must start behind the line, and both hands must cross the next line before the feet touch the ground. If you fall down before the next line, or you only reach it with one-hand, you must start again at the previous line. The scaled division, however, will be slightly different. Scaled Division AMRAP 12:00 60 Air Squats 50 Sit-Ups 40 Knee Raises (Knee must pass above the hip crease.) 30 Box Get-Overs 20 *Hand-Release Push-Ups (Hands must leave the ground at the bottom of the rep and the elbows must fully extend at the top of the rep.) *If the athlete completes the 20 hand-release push-ups before the 12-minutes is up, he/she will start again on the air squats for round 2.

Finally, if you missed any of the previous workout briefs for Metcon Mania, you can find them here:

Tyler Sign up for Metcon Mania here.

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