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New Year: Progress

A “personal record” (PR) is performing better on a workout than you ever have before. This indicates progress. PR’s can include lifting more weight, finishing a workout faster, or completing more rounds/repetitions in a set time period. We track and congratulate PR’s regularly at RxFIT because they’re big accomplishments. Our most consistent athletes track every workout. As a result, they PR something almost weekly. After interviewing ten of them last week, here’s what I learned: 1. Pay Attention to Nutrition Aileen said, “I didn’t have a single PR for four months. So I decided to start eating whole foods and eliminating junk food. Once I did that, all of my scores started to improve.” Seven of the ten I interviewed are currently working with an RxFIT nutritionist. The other three have either eliminated completely or saved the junk food for the weekends. The bottom line is this: Better nutrition improves performance. 2. Set a Goal Before the Workout Starts All ten athletes I spoke with last week said that they look at their previous scores in Wodify before starting the next workout. This helps them set a goal and break up the workout into sections, giving them a shot at another PR. For example, let’s look at “Helen” — one of our quarterly benchmark workouts. 3 Rounds For Time: 400-meter Run 21 Kettlebell Swings 12 Pull-Ups If my previous best time was 9:00, I would know that I need to finish each round in at least 3:00 to have a chance at a new PR. Theses ten athletes suggested that they then choose certain periods of the workout to look at the clock and make sure that they’re on pace. In this example, you would look up at the clock after your pull-ups each round. Takeaway: Set mini goals within each benchmark workout. 3. Join a Specialty Program At RxFIT, we have three specialty programs: Plus, Gymnastics, and Forte. Nine out of the ten athletes said that they do a specialty program in order to work on their weaknesses. Of these nine, all of them reported going to their program’s semi-private classes weekly. The key here is that the athletes who PR regularly have a desire to work on their weaknesses. Here’s your cheat sheet:

  1. If you want to get fitter in metcons, Plus is for you.

  2. If you want to get your first pull-up, muscle-up, or walk on your hands, Gymnastics is for you.

  3. And if you want to get stronger, Forte is for you.

Takeaway Health is the capacity to do anything, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. PR’s are an indication that what you’re doing to improve your health is working. Your directive today is to download this sheet and enter in your benchmark scores. I have an equation set up here to give you a score between 1-30 next to your PR. Identify the lowest numbers–these are your weaknesses. Then, consider joining one of the accessory programs in order to work on those weaknesses. Tyler PS – Use Wodify to fill in the scores on the sheet that you don’t have memorized. PSS – If you don’t have a score for a workout yet, don’t worry. We’ll be testing it at some point in the next 12 weeks. WOD 3 Sets: 1:00 Max Reps Sit Ups 1:00 Max Reps Alternating Box Step Ups 1:00 Max Reps Alternating Leg V-Ups 1:00 Max Reps Chair Dips 1:00 Rest Other Articles in this Series: 1. New Year, New Me 2. New Year: Consistency 3. New Year: Progress 4. New Year: Data From PR’s

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