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Peculiar Cues: Butterfly C2B Pull-Ups

When you reach the brown- and black-levels of fitness, butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups show up on the radar. By now, you’ve learned and become proficient in the butterfly pull-up, but for some reason, those extra few inches become incredibly challenging.

For athletes learning to string multiple chest-to-bar pull-ups together in a butterfly kip, I teach them the “peak pull-up” technique. This technique is nothing more than doing sets of 10 pull-ups at an increasing height: start low, go higher each rep, and finish the last 2-3 reps as high as you can (no higher than your sternum touching the bar).

This simple, yet effective, technique will make a world of a difference as you continue to practice it. The butterfly chest-to-bar highlights how sound your hollow and arch positions are in the kip.

In this video, I talk about two additional tips to help you as you practice the “peak pull-up” technique.


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