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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Handstand Push-Up

The most common faults in a kipping handstand push-up are:

  1. Arching through the midline.

  2. The feet sliding against the wall during the press.

  3. Setting up too close or too far away from the wall.

In today’s video, I review the lesser-known tips and cues to help resolve these faults in the handstand push-up.

In short, here’s a summary:

  1. Stay hollow by thinking of the handstand push-up the same way you would perform a push press.

  2. Practice driving your heels straight up to the ceiling, working on your feet touching the wall only after you have extended your elbows.

  3. When you’re at the bottom of your kip in the tuck hollow position, make sure your low back can touch the wall.


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