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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Pull-Up

For years now, I’ve been sitting down with athletes at RxFIT and doing a “Goal Review” session. In these meetings, I would sit down 1-on-1 and talk about your fitness goals. Before you left, we would make a plan together that would help you achieve those goals. But as of this Summer, I have stopped doing goal reviews.


Because they weren’t helping. It was rare for me to see someone stick to the plan, regardless of how many times I would follow-up with them.

So I’ve changed things up. We now do “Skill Sessions.”

You see, action is the missing ingredient between setting a goal and achieving it. So our skill sessions together focus on not just setting a goal and making plans… but now on actually doing the actions that are part of the plan.

What has surprised me these past couple of months is how many people (especially women) who have a goal getting their first pull-up. I love this goal, especially spending time with the athlete assessing their strength and showing them the exercises that will get them to this goal.

So I created this pull-up program with one of our coaches, Coach Fern. It has been amazing to see how many women have achieved this goal.

To supplement the plan to getting your first pull-up, I have created videos that I would’ve otherwise shown you in-person during our skill session.

Send me an email if you have additional questions (

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