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Plate Habit #1

This week, I’m writing about a few simple habits to help you control portion sizes when you’re eating.

The first is eating off of a plate.

That might seem strange, but healthy people eat off of plates. More specifically, they eat at a table made for eating with others.

Think about it…

  1. If you aren’t eating off of a plate, you’re probably eating something that was delivered to you through your car window. #processedfood.

  2. If you’re not eating at a table made for eating, you’re probably snacking on something that you can hold in your hands as you continue to work–again, more processed food.

  3. And if you aren’t eating with your friends or family, you’re probably not going to take the time to cook for yourself. You’re also probably going to pass time scrolling through your favorite media channel or watching something on TV (cue the brownies and ice cream…)

Since the universal diet problem is processed food, we want to friction the consumption of processed foods by making it as unattractive as possible.

The best way I’ve done this in the past is by developing these relatively easy habits:

  1. Eat off of plates,

  2. At a table made for eating,

  3. With someone else.

The more we eliminate processed foods, the better our health becomes as a community.


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