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Programming Cycles

Because our events now cycle on a quarterly basis, we can now unify the programming of our service offerings. In other words, the weightlifting and competition prep programming will sync up well with the group programming. And here’s how:

  1. The Group Programming will now follow a GPP template. GPP stands for general physical preparedness and means that you will train a broad range of time and modal domains (read more here). We have found Mayhem Athlete to be the most balanced program on the market, so their workouts will become the “red” levels every day. We will then use our leveling system to break the intended stimulus down to the black, brown, purple, blue, orange, yellow, and white levels.

  2. The Weightlifting and Competition Prep will now be programmed in cycles to get you ready for these events. Because each weightlifting event will happen every quarter, this gives our weightlifters an opportunity to “deload” before starting on another strength cycle. This also applies to the competition prep program, allowing those athletes to have plenty of time to get better at muscle-ups, handstands, and cycling barbells.

  3. And finally, the Nutrition Program has been revamped this past month and will be focused on building healthy habits across “90-Day Sprints”. In addition to the one-on-one coaching, our nutrition coaches also plan to put on small group nutrition classes throughout the year.

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