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RxFIT Program Offerings

The five service offerings are the programs that make up any fitness prescription at RxFIT:

Group Classes: Group classes occur 5-10 times/day depending on which gym location you are attending. Each group is 60-minutes long and is led by an RxFIT coach. Most group classes range in size anywhere between 6-12 people. This is the most popular membership option at RxFIT.

Nutrition Coaching: Nutrition coaching is offered one-on-one either in-person or over Zoom. The most popular option is to meet with your nutrition coach every other week, but can happen more or less frequently depending on your goals. Additionally, as part of our quarterly benchmark workouts, we have a Dexa Body that visits our gym locations allowing you to rescan your body composition a few times each year.

Personal Training: Personal training is the premier service our coaches and managers offer. Each client has a custom fitness plan tailored to their own individual goals and needs. These generally happen 2-3 times/week and can either last for 30- or 60-minutes.

Weightlifting: For anyone wanting to get stronger, we offer small-group weightlifting classes a few times a week. In addition to the small group classes, you will receive “homework” to do outside of classes on your own (or with your teammates). You can choose to this homework at any RxFIT location during their Open Gym hours (just speak with the manager because those times can vary).

Competition Prep: These small-group classes are for the athletes that want to win fitness competitions. It is generally reserved for the “Black” and “Red”-level athletes in our group classes, but we allow any fitness level to join so long as they have an event they are preparing for. See a list of upcoming RxFIT Events here.

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