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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Strategy & Briefing


Like many Hero workouts, this is a very special challenge — this is considered Breathe & Brace because of the necessity to brace in the midst of breathing. Pay special attention to maintaining tight & consistent technique on the Deadlifts, which will be crucial to success in McGhee.

Take your time setting up before each set — elbows turned in, core engaged, and tension out of the bar — BRACE.

Move right into the Pushups, and keep unbroken or big sets, throughout. Don’t fall into singles here.

Stay steady with the Box Jumps, and land high on each rep. Take deep breaths before moving into the next round of Deadlifts.

30 minutes is a long time to be breathing & bracing. Work to keep rounds consistent throughout, and finish strong. The best way to attack this workout in partners is to alternate movements every time. That way you get little rest throughout.

The intention is to be breathing moderately heavy throughout the entire workout (and then having to brace for the HEAVY deadlifts).

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