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Strong Mommas

Last week at the 2021 CrossFit Games, Annie Thorisdottir snatched 200-lbs. This isn’t a world record by any means, but nonetheless impressive for two reasons: First, she had a max snatch of only 115-lbs at the 2009 CrossFit Games. After a decade of consistent exercise, she has now almost doubled her previous best snatch. Here’s footage from that event eleven years ago (begin watching at minute 25):

The other thing that’s impressive is that Annie just gave birth to a baby girl via c-section less than a year ago.

Talk about an inspiration! As a mom, what would you be able to do if you stayed committed to exercise for a decade? Or, how would your life be different as a mom if you placed exercise as a higher priority? We have so many women pregnant and postpartum in Utah that want to keep exercising. Our methodology at RxFIT is infinitely scalable; we meet you where you are. Additionally, we never go against the advice of a physician or push you beyond what your body can tolerate. But if Annie’s story is still too far fetched, here are five other strong moms in Utah that have found consistency in their exercise during and after the birth of their children:

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