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Surprisingly Athletic

You joined a gym because you had a goal: lose weight, gain more confidence, or stop having pain. But the results of joining that gym produced a different result — you started to feel happier, made new best friends, and became better at movements you never knew existed. In other words, you joined a gym because of a goal. You stayed because you became athletic. Surprisingly Athletic. Health Athletes are the healthiest people on earth. They have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat. They also have higher percentages of muscle mass and bone density. But athletes are also capable of (eventually) doing anything, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. This is health. They live the life we dream of. Athletes All athletes train. Consistency in that training produces favorable health adaptations. These adaptations include weight loss, more confidence, and less body pain. All athletes are also part of a team. Consistently being with each other produces favorable outcomes. These outcomes include happiness, new best friends, and improved performance. Takeaway Find a gym that has coaches. Join a coach can make you an athlete. A surprisingly athletic one. Tyler

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