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The Best Way to Stay Consistent With Exercise Every Day

What’s the best way to stay consistent with exercise every day?

This is the last question that I’m answering this month of the 24 most commonly asked questions Mark and I receive.

Atomic Habits

If you haven’t yet read James Clear’s Atomic Habits, buy it now off Amazon here. I answer so many of the questions I am asked (like today’s) by pulling something I learned from this book.

For example, in Atomic Habits Clear writes about the difference between Goals and Systems.

“Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.”

“Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.”

If this is true (which I believe it is), focus on on your systems. Create a system that is easy to follow. It obviously must be aligned with the goal you want to achieve, but if you focus on just being consistent with the system you created, the goal (and results) will take care of itself.

For example, if you want to lose 20-lbs in the next four months, write that down. Then, put together a system of eating well and exercising every day. This could look not bringing any junk food inside your house + going on a walk every morning.

The system is better the more simple it is. The reason I like the system of walking every day is because if you aren’t feeling well, you might go to the gym — but if you aren’t feeling well, you’ll still go outside on a walk.

As Clear rightly states, “you do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.


Fix the inputs and the outputs will fix themselves.

Goal-setting and dreaming is important. But the system you create (your habits) is what will achieve that goal.

“The purpose of setting goals is to win the game. The purpose of building systems is to continue playing the game. True long term thinking is goal-less thinking.”

Stay consistent with exercise by creating an easy-to-achieve system.


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