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The Gatekeeper

Last Saturday, I challenged you to sit criss-cross on the ground and only breathe through your nose for 10-minutes. My guess was that you didn’t do that–who has 10-minutes in their day to do that? I know that feeling. I sometimes catch myself unable to do the dishes without putting a podcast on… I feel an urgency to be “productive” at every moment. And then when I finally get a moment to relax (i.e. go to the bathroom), I end up spending 20-minutes on the toilet wasting time on my phone. And I know you do the same. Statistically, most surveys estimate that 88% of all adults use their cell phone on the toilet everyday. It’s pathetic how reactive we’ve become. The thought of sitting down “bored” for 10-minutes is tortue to our 21st century lives. And it kills creativity. This TedTalk was the best thing I saw last week. It has even changed (at least momentarily) the need I feel to entertain my kids at all times.

Tyler WOD Same as last Saturday. Sit down somewhere for 10-minutes without distractions. Only breathe through your nose.

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