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Last week I wrote a detailed series on the five pieces of workout gear that you will probably own at some point in the future. My intent was to help you consider a few key points before the gift-giving and receiving season started. This week I want to carry on that same theme but instead focus on your home gym. The Future of Fitness Nothing can quite take the place of training in-person with your friends and coach. I believe the accountability, camaraderie, and consistency of your training sessions will always be greater than if you were to workout alone. However, I believe the vast majority of us will have some resemblance of a home gym in the future. The convenience of a home gym when a child is sick or work is busy, can’t be beat. But the future home gyms of America aren’t going to look like they did in the 90’s. Instead, they are going to look more like the collegiate and professional weight rooms across the country. Stay Tuned This week I’ll write in detail about the five essential home gym pieces of equipment:

In this series I’ll include all of the different options, tips on what you should be considering, and my recommendation if I were helping you build it out. Stay tuned. Tyler Daily Directive

I’m challenging you right now to workout 50 days in-a-row. Here is your workout for today.

Day 11 (of 50) Elizabeth For Time: 21-15-9 Squat Cleans Ring Dips Other Articles in this Series The Home Gym: Dumbbells The Home Gym: Gymnastic Rings The Home Gym: Rower The Home Gym: Barbell The Home Gym: Bumper Plates

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