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The Key to “Super Aging”

A superager is someone older than 60 who “has a memory that functions indistinguishably from (that of) a 25-year-old.” The parts of the brain that regulate memories also contribute to emotional and physical health. Therefore, the best thing you can do to improve your emotional health is to improve your physical health: get enough sleep, exercise vigorously and eat well. Lisa Barrett is a professor of psychology at Northeastern University and author of the recently published “How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain.” In the video I’ve attached below, Barrett discusses the neuroscience behind “superaging” and what role exercise plays. And, she notes, humans are social creatures, so working out in a group setting can also encourage healthy behavior. “We help regulate each other’s nervous systems,” Barrett explains, “so exercising together can motivate people to make better choices.”

Tyler WOD 4 Rounds, Each For Time: 20-Calorie Row 30 Back Rack Stationary Lunges (place the barbell in the back-rack position) 10 Pull-Ups -Rest 2:00- I first found this video published by CrossFit here.

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