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The Last Gym You’ll Ever Join

For years now, I’ve wanted to adopt the slogan, “Welcome to the last gym you will ever join.”

But gosh, that’s a lot of pressure.

For example, one of our gyms is in Provo — a town whose population is 60% students. Students generally leave for four months during the Summer and only stay in the city for four years.

So how could RxFIT be the last gym someone like a 19-year-old will ever join?

The answer focuses on results.

My Story

I never really knew what I wanted to do for work until I graduated college.

My mentors and professors would always guide me through the same question: “What are you better at than anyone else.”

My answer was always the same, but I never saw what profession my skill set lended itself to.

Not until now.

Our Secret Sauce

My answer to that question was always:

“I’m really good at setting goals and making plans.”

Mark is the same way. And we hire coaches that are the same way.

I still laugh at that response though. For example, I’m average at best in just about everything else in my life.

I’m an average golfer, an average writer, and an average entrepreneur.

But my team at RxFIT and I are really good at dreaming big and making plans.

On a personal level, one of my big dreams is to qualify for a worldwide fitness competition in Brazil next March. The plan to achieve that goal changes slightly every few months, but always includes two training sessions a day, 2,100 calories, and the same three friends to keep me accountable.

Fitness Goals

Everyone has a fitness goal. And everyone will forever have a fitness goal.

When you’re young, fitness goals are usually related to competition; things like making the basketball team in middle school, winning a championship in high school, or receiving a scholarship to play in college are important to you.

When you’re middle-aged, fitness goals are usually related to returning to your old way of life; things like losing the excess weight, having more energy throughout the day, or living pain-free in your back, knees, and shoulders are important to you.

And then in your retirement years, your fitness goals are usually related to longevity; things like maintaining your functional independence, ability to think clearly, and traveling via car, plane, and bike are important to you.

Therefore, you’ve always had fitness goals and you will live the rest of your life with fitness goals.

So let me help.

The Equation

Goals go unachieved for two reasons: You either made the wrong plan or you didn’t stick to the plan.

In other words, you need the right plan + compliance in order to reach your fitness goals.

At RxFIT, we use this equation to deliver you results.

Three Important Meetings

Everyone goes through three meetings at RxFIT: the No-Sweat Intro, the 6-Week Review, and the Quarterly Goal Reviews.

The No-Sweat Intro

First, you bring the long-term goal to us in our first meeting called the No-Sweat Intro. During this meeting, we talk one-on-one about why this goal is important to you, what will change in your life when you accomplish this goal, and whose lives (other than yours) this achievement will affect. We also discuss what has and hasn’t worked well in the past.

We then work together to create a roadmap of short-term goals that need to be achieved in order to lead us to the long-term goal. We talk about certain habits that need to be replaced, as well as other ones that need to be developed. You will then leave with your fitness prescription.

The 6-Week Review

Six weeks later, you and I will sit down again during a meeting called the 6-Week Review. In this meeting we talk about your “bright spots” (what’s going well)  before we talk about what’s not going well. I’ll pull up things like your performance report (scores on benchmark workouts), your attendance report, your nutrition log, and the notes from your coaches. I need to make sure the story you’re telling me matches up with the objective data.

If we’re on pace with our roadmap, we don’t change anything.

But, if we aren’t on pace, we talk about why. Is the problem the plan? Or is it your compliance to the plan?

I’ll do the coaching as we work together to make necessary adjustments.

Quarterly Goal Reviews

Then, every three months after your 6-Week Review, we meet again. We go through the same process as before until we reach your long-term goal.

And when we reach those goals, we set new ones.

Full Transparency

It’s important to me that you reach these goals for two reasons:

The first is from a business perspective. No customer ever has cancelled something that is meeting their needs.

If I’m guiding you to the achievement of something really important to you, I’ll retain you as a customer.

Second, it’s incredibly fulfilling. There is almost nothing else as gratifying than by guiding someone else through the peaks and valleys of accomplishing hard goals.


Every week, we highlight an athlete on our social media channels who is getting the results they want. We’re really good at what we do.

We’re really good at delivering results.

That’s because we follow this simple equation:

Goal + Plan + Coaching = Results.

So if you’re tired of falling short, schedule a free 15-minute call with me here.

It’s time for your No-Sweat Intro.

Welcome to the last gym you will ever join.


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