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The Missing Link

If your goals required hard work, you probably would’ve reached them by now. The paradox is that hard work is actually easy. For you and me, we know how to work hard. Waking up at 4:30 a.m. is easy. Training hard and eating healthy is easy. Staying up late and #grinding is actually easy. Why then, are we still chasing these goals? If hard work was all that mattered, shouldn’t we have achieved them by now? My Story Five years ago, no one woke up before me. No one spent more time in the gym than I did. No one wanted to play college football more than me. But when the tryout came, I didn’t make the team. It was the first time that my “success” equation didn’t work: Goal + Hard Work = Success. Before this happened, it always worked. Why didn’t this time? Takeaway Rocky Balboa needed Mickey before he could go the distance. Lightning McQueen needed Doc Hudson before winning the Piston Cup. Hercules needed Phil before he became a god. I needed a coach before I could play college football. Who’s your coach? Tyler

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