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The New & Improved Programming Plan

Here are a few key takeaways that you can expect here at RxFIT beginning this month:

  1. An RxFIT event will happen every month. This should give you one, maybe two events to participate in every year.

  2. The Group Class workouts will continue to use levels but will now follow Mayhem Athlete.

  3. The Weightlifting and Competition Prep programs will use the group programming template in order to prevent redundant training. They will follow meso- and micro strength/skill cycles so we won’t need to bias the group programming. (Note, you don’t need to sign up for the event in order to join the program. You also don’t need to be in the program to participate in the event.)

  4. Coaching development will now be a team effort between the Head Coaches, Managers of each location, and the specialty coach who’s event is coming up in the following month. These developmental meetings will have agendas that are created beforehand in order to better develop the coaches. As part of these meetings, a “Key Takeaway” will be delivered for the managers to follow-up on weekly in their location-specific Staff Huddles.

  5. The first Monday of every month will be Benchmark Monday. We will no longer do this every week.

  6. Goal Reviews will begin this week and are included for free in your RxFIT membership. Strive to have one every 4-months. Simply schedule one with your gym’s manager.

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