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The Rope Climb

Over the past month, I’ve written to you step-by-step progressions for a large variety of movements. I started with the air squat and overhead squat and later talked in depth about the snatch and clean & jerk. Today I’ll wrap up this series by talking about the rope climb. The Rope Climb If you see rope climbs in a workout, you can complete them using one of four techniques: modified, wrapping, basket, or legless. Below I will attach a picture and a video for each. The modified rope climb begins by laying on the ground. The goal of the modified rope climb is to pull your body from the ground to a standing position.

The modified rope climb.

The wrapping rope climb (also known as the “S technique”) is a leg-assisted rope climb. I sometimes even see an athlete incapable of performing a pull-up, successfully complete a rope climb by using this technique.

The wrapping rope climb.

The basket rope climb (also known as the “J-hook”) is the more common leg-assisted rope climb today because you can get up and down the rope faster. However, it is generally less secure than the wrapping technique.

The basket rope climb.

And then you of course have the legless rope climb option. This just means you climb up and back down the rope without the use of your legs.

The legless rope climb.

Tyler WOD 3 Rounds For Time: 3 Rope Climbs 15 Dumbbell Thrusters

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