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The RxFIT Events Calendar

We finished the workout yesterday with pull-ups and box jumps and someone in the Springville class said, “Man, I just need to sign up for another competition. I’m so out of shape right now… That one last year really helped me be consistent.”

This is precisely the reason why we host events. Put differently, all RxFIT events are intended to provide you two things:

  1. A goal to help keep your training consistent every day.

  2. A reason to bring the fitness community together.

In the next 12 months, we plan to host a minimum of one event every month. We have broken the year down into four quarters, each quarter containing three categories: Nutrition + Community EventsWeightlifting Events, and Mixed-Modality Events.

The calendar will look like this.

The Nutrition + Community Events will include the Dexa Body scan to gain some insight into our nutrition habits. In addition this, we will hold some kind of in-house event that is only available to RxFIT members.

The Weightlifting Events will be competitions that focus on moving weight. Most of the time, these events will always include a barbell, but we plan to do at least one event that includes kettlebells, dumbbells, and sandbags. If you want to get stronger, consider signing up and training for one of these four events.

The Mixed Modality Events will be broad tests of fitness. Sometimes these events will look a lot like crossfit. But other times, (i.e. September), the event will for the cardio and gymnastic junkies. These events will be focused on anything we haven’t done in the community or weightlifting events for that quarter.

If are ready to commit to an event, just speak with your gym manager for details. Here is the annual plan with the dates in the parenthesis below:


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