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The Scale Doesn’t Lie, People Do


Mark and I meet with anywhere between 40-50 people every week. Some are new people interested in joining RxFIT while others are current members. The most common excuse we hear is, “I’m different.”

They attempt to persuade us that they have certain hormone-imbalances that make it so their body only needs six hours of sleep a night, why eating less doesn’t help them lose weight, or how weight-training is bad for their bodies…

This week I plan to debunk the most common reasons we hear related to the “I’m different” excuse. While every individual is certainly different, you’re not as different as you think you are.


To put this in perspective, for every 1,500 DNA bases in your genome, you and I only have one base (or “letter”) different. So how similar are we to each other?

99.9% to be exact.

My 600-lb Life

Mark showed me this short video clip on Saturday taken from the t.v. show, My 600-lb Life. This show is focused on people who desire a weight-loss surgery.

Dr. Nowzaradan, the head surgeon, requires all of his patients to lose a certain amount of weight before operating. He does this to ensure the weight stays off after surgery.

I will admit, I have always assumed that I have nothing in common with the people that appear in this show.

After watching this clip, I discovered that I was wrong.

Attached below, I placed the 5-minute segment from the show; I invite you to pay attention to the excuses the patient uses.


This short video is one of the best videos I have seen on coaching. Dr. Nowzaradan does best what so many coaches are hesitant to do — he corrects every excuse that leaves the client’s mouth.

This lady has a lot more in common with you and me than we think. And it starts with the excuses we make about how “we’re different” than the person next to us.

Your mind is powerful. It’s time we stop using it as an obstacle and start using it as a weapon.


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