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The Weed and the Tree

A guru wanted to teach a student about habits. The two went out into the garden, and the guru pointed to a very small weed. “Pluck it.” The student did, and the master nodded in approval, then pointed to a slightly larger weed. “Pluck it.” Again, the student plucked the weed, and again the master pointed to a larger weed. “Pluck it.” Easily, the student pulled the weed from the ground. Then the master pointed to a much larger weed—a thick one with thistles. “Pluck it.” The student gingerly gripped the weed, trying to avoid being pricked, then struggled before finally freeing the weed from the soil. The master nodded, then pointed to a small bush.  “Pull it out.” The student grabbed the bush and strained, then strained again.  “I can’t,” the student said. The master pointed to a series of increasingly larger trees.  “Pull them out.” The student replied, “That’s impossible!” The master nodded.  “When good or bad habits take root, they are very hard to remove.” Daily Directive You know what I’m getting at here: I’m challenging you to create a new habit of working out every day. You’re now on Day 2. Here’s your “workout” for today: Follow along to this simple stretching routine I put together. It will take you 10 minutes. Shoulder + Hip Mobility Routine You’re doing something special here. Maybe you don’t realize it yet, but in a few days, you’ll have taken the first steps toward building a new habit. In a few weeks, you’ll have a deeply ingrained habit. And in a six months from now, you’ll have a new lifestyle. I’m here to guide you to that lifestyle. Tyler

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