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Thursday, August 4, 2022


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Target Rounds: 8+ (240/200+ reps)

Minimum Rounds before scaling: 6 (180/150 reps)


How to Pace: STEADY! This is a moderate AMRAP with 2 times the fun! Look to have consistent pacing throughout and find the edge of your capacity on the strict handstand push ups and GHD Sit ups.

How it should Feel: CARDIO and Muscular Endurance. The longer AMRAPS together will turn the workout more aerobic while the moderate volume of gymnastic movements may limit you with some fatigue in your pressing and core!


Bike: Stay steady here! You can sit or stand (dealer’s choice). We recommend settling into a pace from the start so you can maintain the entire workout.

GHD’s: These should be completed non-stop while using arms, hips, and legs together to help assist the core. Be explosive with every rep and keep your eyes fixated forward to keep heading from whipping and causing dizziness. Try to keep the 20 unbroken for the entire 12 minutes!

Strict handstand push ups: These should be a rep count you can open up with unbroken. Aim to break the sets from there if needed, but. not more than 3 sets. Otherwise scale reps down. Let those arms shake out and relax as needed on the run and bike.

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