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To RX or not to RX…. That is the question!

It’s tiny, it’s blue, and getting to walk up all sweaty and victorious to click that tiny little button is a sweet sweet victory for some.

What does RX actually mean?

RX = “As prescribed” 

It means that you do the WOD as written on the TV. The reps, the movements, and the weights.

At RxFIT we seek VIRTUOSITY in all that we do.  “To do the common, UNCOMMONLY well.” – Glassman So when it comes to answering the question: “Should I RX or not?”  I invite you to ask yourself:

What is the STIMULUS of this workout? Let’s think about it using an example.


30 Clean and Jerks for Time (135/95)

STIMULUS (AKA: GOAL): Barbell feel light/mod. You should be able to move through the reps quickly without taking long rests. You should be breathless and in a puddle of sweat at the end.

TIME: 2-5 mins

Now you may be saying “135/95 clean and jerk?! That is easy!” Well, maybe it is BUTTTTTTT is it easy doing it for 30 times nearly unbroken?


Always modify/scale/ adapt your WOD in order to preserve the intended STIMULUS of the WOD.

If you seek to truly understand why we do what we do at RxFIT I invite you to read “Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity: What Does It Mean?”

Before you consider “RX-ing” your WOD ask yourself:

1- Can I do the movement or weight properly?

2- Can I do the movement or weight properly for the repetitions required?

3- Can I do the movement or weight properly for the repetitions required and with the INTENSITY (speed) that the STIMULUS of the WOD requires?

So, TO RX OR NOT TO RX… Listen to your Coach, think about the STIMULUS, and do not let your pride make the decision for you.


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