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Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Score is reps each set (The run does not count for reps)

Target reps sets: 8+

Minimum reps before scaling sets: <4


How to Pace: Steady! The volume will add up so aim to maintain a speed on the run you can hold throughout and not stop moving on the work after the run!

How it should Feel: CARDIO! This longer piece will be a mainly aerobic one when its all said and done!

This is a play on a workout but Mayhem style. We want you to work on a fast running pace that you can hold onto each workout while not having to rest before beginning work after each run.


Run: We want a fast (75-80%+ intensity) for each run, but be able to begin performing work once you finish the last meter. Stay upright and keep the shoulders relaxed here. You should have at least 60 seconds of work after each run.

Clean and jerks: this should be a moderate weight but one you can do faster singles at. Reset for each rep quickly and don’t get sloppy, making it harder on yourself in later rounds. Redip under each rep for the push jerk to cycle faster.

Power Snatches: The weight here should be the same as the clean and jerks and similar in difficulty. Set your upper back and pull fast!

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